About us

Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation is a community-driven service, dedicated to keeping older people in and around Hackney active, independent and loving life.

Working in our community and for our community, since 1985

Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation was first founded in 1985 by Dolly Mayers, to support older people in our local community.

What started as a lunch club has grown and developed over the years to offer a much wider range of services to older Caribbean people living in and around Hackney.

Our members come together to eat, exercise, sing, pray, play games, make art, get out of the house, and enjoy each other’s company.

We are an inclusive organisation, so whilst many of our members have Caribbean heritage, we are open to people from all backgrounds, especially those living in the borough of Hackney.

Our door is always open for new members – whether you want to pop in and join us for a taster session, or sign up as a member and join on a more regular basis.

We also accept referrals from friends, families, health and social workers and neighbours.

A short video giving a flavour of what a typical day with Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation looks like.