Our mission and vision

We exist with a clear and powerful sense of mission: to bring local elderly people together to share life. Together we tackle the challenges of ageing and isolation by creating a nurturing environment for older people to thrive.

What we do, and why it is important

Growing older presents many challenges: from physical restrictions, to staying mentally active and connected to friends, family, neighbours and the wider community.

At Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation we provide a range of services, but above all we provide safety, warmth and community to older people from the local area.

Sharing life can mean many different things depending on the individual, how they’re feeling, and even the day of the week, but we we always aim to make life active and up-lifting for our members.

The services we offer help tackle loneliness and isolation; improve the physical and mental health of our members; and strengthen the bonds of our community.

Our mission
To bring local elderly people together to share life. 

Our vision
To work together to build stronger and closer inclusive communities where every day is eagerly anticipated by the older person. 

We provide activities and services for people over 55 regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or religious belief. HCEO’s experience lies mainly with the Caribbean community but we are socially inclusive and embrace differences in all areas of our work.

Our strategic pillars


We treat each person as an individual regardless of their age or disability. We aim to reduce isolation and  loneliness. We offer support to help older people have more control over their lives as they age.


Expectations and attitudes of ‘growing old’ have changed.  It is important that our elders continue to have opportunities to  ‘grow’, contributing to society at large.  


We encourage ownership and participation in what we do: consult, provide information and involve the community in making decisions about the service they would like.